Fresh is the best measure of flavor

I what to tell you a story about a fruit I love, it’s a dark purple colour, it’s tender to the touch. As you place to your mouth, you feel the urge to take a bit from its Flash,
You nearly close your eyes, not knowing what to expect. , your mouth fills up with juice and a flavor so divine you can’t help your self but take a second bit. As the juice runs down your little finger. You struggle to control the lost. My eyes light up, the window to my soul.
Do you remember tasting fruit like this? In the distant past. Maybe it was your last holiday or perhaps…..,
From your previous greengrocer?
Only the best way to remember is to come to visit Evergreen; healthy eating starts here
Remember, you are investing in your health.
. This little story about a plum looking for a new home.

A discussion you can share with your children, MEMORY IS A WAY OF HOLDING ONTO THE THINGS YOU LOVE.

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